“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”– Frances Hodgson Burnett

Being given opportunities to frame new subjects with my lens fills my soul in ways I can't fully describe. The joy I feel to snap away all the beauty in the world - and make a living while doing so! - is incredible.

When I was approached by Alison at Church Hill Farm with the request to help capture all the blooms and going-ons at the farm, I knew it was going to be an experience to remember. This lovely little flower farm is somewhere I drive by almost daily, and is often requested as a stop by my 8-year-old flower-loving daughter. The previous connection made for an even more meaningful photo session, on which my sweet junior photography assistant accompanied me on. It really is lovely to have such a sweet and mature assistant to help snap behind the scenes photos and provide some modeling when needed.

Family that Grows Together, Stays Together

Together with her lovely parents, Alison tends Church Hill Farm to nurture the most tantalizing blooms to fruition for Salt Spring Island locals and visitors to enjoy. Peonies, roses, stocks, lilacs, poppies, and a plethora of flowers I never knew existed or had heard their names before created a path of glorious photo opportunities to lose myself in. Oh, I was giddy to be there with my camera!

Fresh Cut Flowers on Salt Spring Island

Have a peek at these beautiful snaps, and then make your way to Church Hill Farm at 981 North End Rd here on Salt Spring Island to pick up some fresh cut flowers of your own. You can follow Alison's Instagram account for updates on the farm, what's available, and when they're open: Alison Wightman (@harmonyskyforest) • Instagram photos and videos

Make it a beautiful day, folks!