Jane's Dough sourdough bread loaves in wooden crate on metal counter being arranged by woman's hands

Looking for Gluten-Free Sourdough and Baked Goods on Salt Spring Island, BC?

Local Business Photography Project: Jane's Dough

Some of my favourite photography sessions have been with local Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island businesses that provide me with beautiful opportunities to learn more about the people and projects that are happening around me. Meeting "Jane" of Jane's Dough to capture her at work with some of her gluten-free baked goods was one of these occasions.

gluten-free muffins made on salt spring island, bc
Crate and hands of Jane's Dough sourdough bread on Salt Spring Island, BC
Jane's Dough forming loaves of sourdough bread in kitchen on Salt Spring Island with lilacs surrounding.

Baked with Love

This gluten-free sourdough business rose out of the desire to provide options for her beloved partner who could not consume gluten. Now (as of this year 2023), along with many more of her delightfully delicious goodies, it's been lovely to see Jane's sourdough at the Tuesday Farmer's Market and Saturday Market on Salt Spring Island.

gluten-free lemon tarts made fresh on salt spring island with locally-milled flour
salt spring island business photography of Jane's Dough gluten-free goodies
gluten-free sourdough bread made on salt spring island, bc
Jane's Dough gluten-free sourdough bread made on Salt Spring Island, BC
gluten free sourdough muffins made on salt spring island, bc

I hope you get a chance to try some of these luxurious little edible creations. Supporting local food, local people, and local economy is important to me. You can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook to keep an eye on what I'm snapping, and let me know what you think!

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